Brooke Fullenkamp named inaugural recipient of Gary Webster Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to deserving candidate Brooke Fullenkamp as the first  recipient of the Gary Webster Memorial Scholarship.

Brooke, who will be attending Indiana Wesleyan next fall, has received a $1,500 scholarship for her freshman year, with a $1,000 scholarship to be awarded prior to her sophomore year if she maintains a 2.0 GPA or better during her first year of college.

2015-certificateBrooke plans to study physical education and become a teacher and coach. She is also interested in the arts. Brooke will also compete for the Wildcats on the links. (Golf was one of Mr. Webster’s favorite pastimes!)

Brooke was one of Mr. Webster’s many students at Cooks Corners Elementary School, and he has known her since kindergarten. Steven and Eileen, Brooke’s parents, appreciated Mr. Webster’s attendance at golf sectionals during Brooke’s high school golfing career.

Best of luck to Brooke as she continues her education at the next level. Make Mr. Webster proud!


4 thoughts on “Brooke Fullenkamp named inaugural recipient of Gary Webster Memorial Scholarship”

  1. I was so excited and surprised to learn that I had received this scholarship in honor of Mr. Gary Webster! I can’t think of another scholarship that would mean more to me than this one! Mr. Webster was one of my favorites at Cooks Corners Elementary. It always meant so much that he would take the time to watch me play various sports during my middle school years. Then, he also followed me during my four years on the varsity golf team at Valparaiso High School. He was always checking my scores in the newspaper and asking how it was going. I hope I make him proud by giving back to students in my future. Thanks to everyone who has made this scholarship possible to carry on the legacy of Mr. Gary Webster.

  2. Congratulations to Brooke! To paraphrase my sister Janet, teacher, coach and golfer is the absolute perfect combination to honor Gary’s memory and to receive the scholarship in his name. Good luck Brooke!

  3. Brooke sounds like the perfect choice for my brother, Gary’s first scholarship. He would be so proud to know that Brooke is still playing his favorite game and is going to be a teacher as well. Congratulations, Brooke.

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